Interpreting is the verbal transfer of meaning between languages. We offer on-site interpreting in the State of California and its neighboring States.

We can explore a variety of methods in which interpreting is performed on-site; the method is generally dictated by the setting and number of people involved. The two most common methods are as follows

Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter notes a speaker’s words and meaning and translates into another language after the speaker pauses.

Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter listens to a speaker and translates in real time into another language. This can be done face to face with all parties or through a microphone & earphone audio system.

We provide interpreting in many industries and in many contexts. Most commonly, our interpreters are utilized in –

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences, Conventions & Summits
  • Judicial hearings
  • Legal meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Personal language liaison
  • Speeches & teachings

Please contact us to explore how a professional language expert can better serve you.